Buenos Aires

Cosmocosa opens its new space on the ground floor of Montevideo 1430. Located in Plaza Vicente Lopez in Recoleta, the inaugural show is due March 2014. Its gallery programme for 2015 will focus on a series of exhibitions related to Argentina’s electoral year and its 30th anniversary on the return of democracy in 1983. Historical exhibitions will share our calendar with the most contemporary proposals.

In the meantime, please visit us with previous appointment from December 15th through February 28th, where we showcase backroom works by artists Lucio Fontana, Antonio Berni, Luis F. Benedit, Rómulo Macció, Ernesto Deira, Luis F. Noé, Marcia Schvartz, Alfredo Londaibere, Ignacio Iasparra, Eduardo Costa, and Gustavo Marrone among others.