Tape Poems, 1969. Edited by Eduardo Costa and John Perrault. Participating: Vito Acconci, Michael Benedikt, Scott Burton, Ted Castle & Leandro Katz, Eduardo Costa, John Giorno, Joseph Ceravolo, Dan Graham, Bernardette Mayer, John Perreault, Anne Waldman, Lewis Warsh, Hannah Weiner. Ed. of 30. Stereophonic Tape.

Cosmocosa presents a selection of five -or more- seminal works in Eduardo Costa’s conceptual practice.

The exhibition is centered around Eduardo Costa’s production in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, from 1969 through the 2000’s, and his exploration on different media: Names of Friends: A Poem for the Deaf-mute (video), Tape Poems, (sound), A piece that is… (text), the Duchamp/Costa Bicycle and the Self referential electric weave (useful art), until his Volumetric Paintings (the medium of paint itself).

The exhibition also presents a vast array of Costa’s archive and bibliographical holdings, where these works appear as key turning points in both international and Latin American conceptual circuits from the late 60’s onwards.

“Five Museum Pieces” offers the public the opportunity to appreciate in a single exhibition space works that are disseminated around the world in museum collections such as MoMA (New York), Guggenheim (New York); and previously exhibited at  Colección Jumex (México), Fundación Proa (Buenos Aires) and MAMBA (Buenos Aires), among others.

The exhibition is on view through August 7th, 2015.
Wed-Fri, 14- 19 hs.
Montevideo 1430, PB.
Buenos Aires.

A piece that is…, 1970-2008, inkjet print on photographic paper, framed, 61.3 x 76,2 cm. Ed. of 12. Col. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Published in Spears, Athena; “Art in the Mind”, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin-Ohio, Abril 1970.